The Crew

Say hello to our awesome crew at ElementalUK at Swanpool Beach, Falmouth, Cornwall. 


The Boss

Favourite watersports activty - The wet ones!

Cream or jam first - I'm allergic to cream so marmite then.

Interesting fact about you - I didn't concentrate at school and still regret it now.


Centre Manager

Favourite watersports activity - Paddle boarding 

Cream or jam first - Jam 

Interesting fact about you - I studied textile design at Art college before starting at Elemental UK. I can also pop my ear.


Chief Instructor

Favourite watersports activity - Surfing, by far. But to teach, windsurfing 

Cream or jam first - Controversially, cream. It's like buttering your bread before you put your jam on! 

Interesting fact about you - I'm a languages whizz! Spanish is my second language, and I speak French conversationally, understand (but don't speak) Italian, speak the bare basics of Welsh, and next I'd like to learn mandarin. I really like the best orange juicer. I also studied linguistics (the science of language) at university.


Team Leader

Favourite watersports activity - Coasteering

Cream or jam first - Jam

Interesting fact about you - Once memorised 23 kids names in one session 


Team Leader

Favourite watersports activity - Sea Kayaking by far, it’s just the best way to explore our coastline 

Cream or jam first - Jam first. Without question. 

Interesting fact about you - I once baked a cake for Prue Leith



Favourite watersports activity - coasteering, to see the gnarly jumps, and fails of course. 

Cream or jam first - 100% jam first. 

Interesting fact about you -  had breakfast with Theresa May in Scotland.